4-XHD Interstate Battery

  • Group Size 4
  • 1000 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
  • 295 Reserve Capacity (RC)@25 Amps
  • 1250 Cranking Amps


Available for purchase in store only (231)824-9505

Our line of commercial vehicle batteries is designed to offer durability you can see, reliability you can trust and extreme power you can feel. Having the right battery to power trucking, agricultural or industrial equipment is essential to help businesses run more smoothly. We deliver our products with integrity and provide the excellence that customers trust with uptime, safety and reliability in mind.

Additional information

Weight 50.1 lbs

Product Features

Group Size 4
Part Number 4-XHD
Cold Cranking Amps 1000
Reserve Capacity (RC) @ 25 hr 295
Cranking Amps 1250
Length 12 3/4
Width 7 1/8
Height 9 1/8
Weight 50.1
Termination Code Common Code A
Voltage 6
Wet/Dry W